Top luxury cars and small sports cars -

Outside reviews of these popular vehicles, J.D. Power also put out rated the top luxury cars and small sports cars best new after the results of the initial evaluation.

Top luxury cars and small sports cars

Based on the research data of the U.S. Initial Quality Study (IQS), 2015 is given by JD Power – A company dedicated to providing information for global marketing services-car brand to the Porsche had the little problem on most stretches for those who buy new cars.

Preliminary quality assessment of J.D. Power based on the number of problems encountered on 100 cars (PP100). The lower the score, the higher the quality. A study was evaluated through the reporting of more than 84000 people buy or rent new cars this year and used to be on 90 days.

We have introduced to you the categories rated the best car. The following is a list of the best sports car and according to reviews of the JD Power IQS in:

Small type high-grade car: BMW 2 Series

Starting price: $ 32.100

BMW 2 Series - Top luxury cars and small sports cars -
BMW 2 Series – Top luxury cars and small sports cars –

BMW 2 was introduced last year as part of a campaign to change the name of the new company. Is the replacement of the 2-door 1 Series, line 2 of this Series can be fixed or folding hood along with a lot of options. Highlights have large capacity engine 320 HP’s line of sport 2 door M235i.

Sports Compact Car: Mazda MX-5 Miata

Starting price: $ 23.970

Mazda MX-5 Miata -
Mazda MX-5 Miata –

This car line to prove to you that does not need to have new power to bring back the fun, the Mazda MX-5 Miata is one of the two seat sports car known for on the market. The truth is, it has held the Guinness world record with a time of two-seat sports car is the best selling in the world. With a starting price of under 25000 dollars, it is the car the hood folded to balance perfectly and will surely make you feel satisfied, at least on the way to error than the other compact sports line. This summer a 2016 MX-5 Miata completely new will be brought to market, promises an experience well more.

Advanced Compact Car: BMW 4 Series

Starting price: $ 40.300

BMW 4 Series -
BMW 4 Series –

Similar to the BMW line 2 Series, the BMW 4 Series has replaced the 2-door 3 Series. Can lead to the following requirements or proactively 4 cakes, 4 Series is an excellent car that the expected driving BMW. Engine options from 2-liter 4-cylinder of 428i for up to 425 horsepower 6-cylinder of high capacity line M4. BMW also adds a 4-seat version for this car line called Gran Coupe.

Advanced Compact sports car: Porsche Boxster

Starting price: $ 52.100

Porsche Boxster -
Porsche Boxster –

Driving any Porsche car would also bring great responsibility cover. The steering system is very precise, perfect control, vehicle return you quickly to the extent as it read minds. With a lightweight version of the Boxster has driver feeling like surfing in the air. With the following actuators and 265, horsepower engine provides the power of persuasion and flexibility beyond imagination. The two front and rear luggage compartment will make you feel extremely comfortable in the nature of the baggage.

Mid-size sports car: Dodge Challenger

Starting price: $ 26.995

Dodge Challenger -
Dodge Challenger –

Leading the mid-size sports car line in 2 years. the Challenger is a two-seat vehicle to the classic style of Dodge brings you many of the utilities, even in the most basic version. But the Challenger was best known as one of the cars after the powerful and impressive bridge with lots of options. Most notable is the 6.2-liter engine 707 HP V8 was given a name very appropriate “Hellcat”.

Intermediate car: BMW 5 Series

Starting price: $ 49.950

BMW 5 Series -
BMW 5 Series –

Line 5 Series is BMW’s third line consisting of the top of the list in 2015 of J.D. Power. Legendary sports Sedan continues to maintain the form that has helped its success through the years: engines, rear, good performance and perfect control. BMW offers optional with 2 effective engine consists of a Hybrid and a Diesel engine, while keeping the essence of a sports car.

Medium-sized Intermediate sports car: Porsche 911

Price: $ 31.695

Porsche 911-
Porsche 911-

Porsche 911 leading the list with the highest point from IQS in 4 years now. With nearly 50 years, the 911 icon is still the best sports car on the planet. 911 offers surprising performance while offering the comfort and convenience with the daily driver. Porsche also has just unveiled the seventh generation of the 911, with the forward fuselage extension, long car and lower those same new features. A “tremendous” of 911 were also launched with 560 horsepower 911 Turbo S.


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