Top 5 safest cars in 2015

 Autoblog site has launched General table 5 model safest cars  for America, in which the majority of the car had been in market and quite popular as the Lexus RX 350, Audi A4 or Kia Sorento.

Top 5 safest cars in 2015

In developed countries, safety is one of the top criteria that impact the buying decisions of consumers, vehicles next to the criteria such as price, aesthetic or operational capabilities.

A study conducted by the Insurance Institute of America road traffic safety IIHS has pointed out the number of accidents in the various models are not the same. The Agency also pointed out that for poor safety models, the ratio of fatal accidents per 1 million cars is 100. Meanwhile, there are model cars during the past 3 years not even related to a deadly crash for car owners. The following are 9 car model as such.

Toyota Sequoia

Prices (in u.s.): from  $44.395 to $64.320

Fuel consumption in city/: 13/17 mpg

Just like its name Sequoia is a large size vehicle. In the event of a collision with another car on the road, the driver is rarely serious danger by the height and size of a car can make it “Climb” through most of the other cars on the road. To go along with that is the list of safety equipment for vehicles: 8 airbags, ABS brakes, ESC electronic stability control, traction …

Top 5 safest cars in 2015
Toyota Sequoia – Top 5 safest cars in 2015

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

Prices (in u.s.): from $47.750 to $50.240 USD

Fuel consumption in city/: 27/28 mpg

Top 5 safest cars in 2015
Toyota Highlander Hybrid – Top 5 safest cars in 2015

Highlander Hybrid is one of the safest cars of Toyota, it was rated as a green car, safe, reliable and high technology. The fitted on the car make users trust is blind spot warning systems, collision warning system behind, touchback on the camera back, parking standards, cruise control system, intelligent, alert system and processed before the collision warning system, lane Automatic headlights, adjust the light angle, design system. …

Mercedes-Benz GL-Class

Price (in us) from $63.600 to $119.450

Fuel consumption in city/: 19/26 mpg

Top 5 safest cars in 2015
Mercedes-Benz GL-Class – Top 5 safest cars in 2015

No longer a doubt about the safety of the cars Mercedes G. GL-Class is the 7-seat SUV that large size with advanced equipment and facilities for users, along with it’s a long list of safety equipment and also upgrade more customized version. A standard brake ABS, brake assist, traction control, electronic stability control, eight airbags, flip against, emergency support system, safety protection system before the collision, the camera back, warns sleepy driver’s situation, pre-safe system. …

Honda Odyssey

Prices (in u.s.): $28.975 to $44.600

Fuel consumption in city/: 19/28 mpg

Top 5 safest cars in 2015
Honda Odyssey – Top 5 safest cars in 2015

Odyssey is rated on the car and Minivan usually IIHS rating is less secure than the model family car. However, the Odyssey is the only Minivan car IIHS rating is sufficiently safe and point rated best in the Minivan to the car. The car has also entered the list of car worth buying because of safety Top Safety Pick +. The standard equipment on vehicles includes airbag air bag, standard side and curtain airbags, ABS Disc Brakes for all 4 wheels, traction control, electronic stability systems for all model car.

Volvo XC90

Prices (in u.s.): $48.900 to $54.500

Volvo XC90 - Top 5 safest cars in 2015
Volvo XC90 – Top 5 safest cars in 2015

Volvo cars are considered the leading safety is known world. Volvo XC90 has always entered the charts in the top safety in the world. A range of safety equipment fitted to this model as the automatic belt Tension, control where appropriate if people happen to collide and the wide range of standard equipment similar to the other models.


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