Ford F-150 Platinum 2015

 With the available equipment such as engines, tire spikes, and many utilities, Ford F-150 Platinum has the ability to conquer the long road, but inconvenient when walking in the streets due to massive size.

Born in 1948, Ford F-150 pickups deserve the title of Prince to sell downloads and constantly is in the list of the best-selling car of all time. Our vehicle had the opportunity to experience is the F-150 Platinum (highest version) lifetime 2015 first appeared on the market.

Sturdy appearance, bulky appearance

In terms of size, the F-150 American muscle substance splashed with huge size, the equivalent of a 1.25-ton truck. If compared with the Ford Ranger, the brothers F-150 with a width and length must be greater than.

The front plate is shiny chrome-plated grille is very characteristic of the line F-150 with the Ford logo is quite big between. This grille design quite sailings and in harmony with double front headlight cluster truck.

The headlight cluster with 2 ball main lighting and LED signals are very subtle, running lights are also designed with clinging crab angle. The square lines of the bridges of harmony with overall lamp cluster and do the first part of the car retained the powerful strokes of the line pick up this reputation.

Ford F-150 Platinum 2015 - Sturdy appearance, bulky appearance
Ford F-150 Platinum 2015 – Sturdy appearance, bulky appearance

A pretty interesting detail that few models would be equipped according to the airline’s options is the bridge up and down the car. The bridge was designed 2 side hugging and opens automatically when the car doors open alternatively can also close the open initiative by push button just below the knee to the left of the driver.

The Interior isn’t trivial

The Interior of the car was covered with leather with stitched lines quite detailed, very spacious cockpit. The car was equipped with two front seats, power driver seat adjustment 3-position memory.

However the plastic details on the car seem to not be sure if not cheap, somewhat creaking and not be sure. Comfortable seating system extensively hands restraints for front row seats so wide.

The wheel and hold the leather number need quite comfortable and soft, on the Steering has a lot of function keys to control such as increase/decrease volume, voice recognition hands-free mode, the phone, monitoring the journey …

Ford F-150 Platinum 2015 - The Interior isn't trivial
Ford F-150 Platinum 2015 – The Interior isn’t trivial

Experience the following steering Ford F-150 Platinum

Sensible first before entering the main car is more succinct opening code is right on the border. Step into the driver’s seat of the F-150, really I feel like sitting on a real truck rather than a pickup. The first part of the car is long and fairly broad blind zone generate a high in front of the car, while the car mirrors for wide angle in the back.

Ford F-150 Platinum 2015 - the following steering Ford F-150 Platinum
Ford F-150 Platinum 2015 – the following steering Ford F-150 Platinum

Gently push the launch button, 3.5 L V6 EcoBoots engine really surprised almost no one by the sound from the engine compartment into the cabin. The rear of the car also is protected by a thick steel plate coated with sound so intense noise from bottom to also eventually completely.

The car was equipped with air-conditioning inverter technology with rapid cooling mode max a/c. Under the strong sunshine at noon, an hour in the car really horribly hot and suffocating but only after few seconds the cockpit had a very pleasant cool feeling. Disable the fast cooling, fan slows down air conditioner less return than a dude? silence at first when I start the car.

Need the number of the car pretty too but holding very sure and confident. Handbrake back is located in the lateral position and the brake pedal is left foot as the sedan, I personally find this design does not fit in very well with a pickup. When are the horizontal sloping stand or offroad then maybe brakes pull by hand still more suitable? But no match is not necessary with the car was equipped with the departure of the horizontal sloping car system and of this support. The car was quite big but the control is not too difficult with the new driver.

Ford F-150 Platinum 2015
Ford F-150 Platinum 2015

A pickup should, of course, Ford equipped the child his automatic transmission 6 levels, advanced differential lock system, electronic bridge setting mode up to 4 2 h 4 h and 4 l 4A mode function adjusts the traction distribution for each gear manual. With those functions actually F-150 all-terrain challenge gladly though is the hardest.

In a situation where I accidentally encountered when going through a bend and narrow segments, Ford F-150 has revealed the biggest mismatch score, with some small national traffic. With the overall length of approximately 6.2 meters high and long car first, moving in small streets are the relatively difficult thing, it takes some time back I get a bulky car through that section of the road, sometimes having more narrow segments are folded 2 side mirrors back to the car can go through. But in return, the camera systems and sensors around the car is his ability when the treasure for the driver in the cramped conditions.


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