SUV car became

More and more women with the powerful impact to the challenge prejudice already deeply of automobile manufacturers about the SUV car born for men.

SUV CAR car became “best girlfriend” of women

When going shopping on weekends, she knew he wanted a Patey Nora to the car. In her imagination Patey, that should be a small SUV, there’re cameras, the spacious luggage compartment, and reasonable monthly rental costs.

Similar Patey, who has bought a Mazda CX-5 2016, more and more women to the powerful impact of gender in the data charts selling cars and challenge prejudices already deeply of automobile manufacturers about the SUV car born for men.

SUV car became "best girlfriend" of women - iCarReviews
SUV car became “best girlfriend” of women

More specifically speaking, the number of women buying SUVS are increasing drastically, even promote a growth of this car line in 2016. The experts predicted, sales of SUVS in 2016 in us market will surpass the figure of 17.5 million light vehicles last year.

From 2011-2015, the amount of car small SUV popularity selling for women has increased by 34%. The corresponding rate for men is only 22 percent, according to the data of MaritzCX, a software company, and research has extensive experience in customer array.

Also during the period, the volume of small-sized SUV car on high-level sale for women have increased 174%. In particular, there are up to 40% of women not married.

Best girlfriend of women - iCarReviews
Best girlfriend of women – iCarReviews

“There are a group of single women economically independent and need to buy a car. So, you need to pay attention to them, “said James Mulcrone, Director of research services at the Michigan Office of the MaritzCX speech. He himself Mulcrone also spend more time to study the trend of buying cars of females. “They increasingly make more money, make decisions and can become very loyal customers.”

According to Mr. Mulcrone, income and increased understanding plus delaying marriage, having children have created groups of single women purchased the car. In the year 2015, over 2/3 of the women insisted “absolutely decide” when buying a car. With spacious luggage compartment and fuel-saving driving systems, SUV car so attractive in the eyes of women.

This trend is gradually convincing automobile manufacturers. The auto manufacturer also receives the SUV vehicles and light pickup is slowly dislodged sedan as well as the coupe in the fight business.

Best girlfriend of women - iCarReviews
SUV – Best girlfriend of women – iCarReviews

The agent also so changed for female clients. “The dealers that greeted enthusiastically and investing in women customers have the opportunity to create strategic advantages,” Ms. Celeste Briggs, Director of an automotive retail network for women of the General Motors Corporation, confirmed.

According to the service car dealer reviews, 60% of women will get out and never come back. In addition, Mrs. Briggs noted, women are often the very loyal clients.

“If you treat good with women, they will stay,” Ms. Briggs interview over the phone. “Don’t stop there, women also tell of your agents with other friends”.



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