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BMW 7-Series

BMW 7 Series – The luxurious sedan in the world

If you are looking for a perfect match between the feeling of space and comfort, the BMW 7 Series is the top choice. BMW 7 Series...
Nissan NP300 Navara

Nissan NP300 Navara: A great pickup truck

Catching the trend rise of powerful pickup segment in addition to the market, Nissan was quick to introduce a new generation of pickups for...
Honda City 2015 - iCarReviews.net

Honda City 2015 – Sport feeling for the class B car

Honda City was first introduced in 1981 in the Japanese market and few people know that the City has ever stopped production in 1994....
Hyundai I20 Active - iCarReviews.net

Hyundai I20 Active – special things ?

Neat size, spacious interior, eye-catching design, it is the centerpiece of Hyundai i20 Active, the small Crossover with special things. Hyundai I20 Active - Which special...
Ferrari 458 MM - iCarReviews

Ferrari 458 MM Speciale – “Britain hitters”

Developed based on 458, Ferrari 458 MM Speciale Speciale unique birth under the order of a nation comes from the mist. Ferrari 458 MM Speciale -...
BMW M6 Coupe - iCarReviews

BMW M6 Coupe – version “increase energy” appears

Compared to the standard version, the BMW M6 Coupe Celebration Edition possesses the maximum capacity increase of 40 HP and maximum torque of larger...
2016 Toyota Alphard - iCarReviews

Special Ground aircraft “Toyota Alphard 2016”

Toyota Malaysia has officially announced the sale of two luxury utility vehicle model Alphard and Vellfire. Expected, Toyota Alphard 2016 and Vellfire 2016 will...
Mercedes-Benz GLE 2016

Mercedes-Benz GLE The next generation of ML-Class

Mercedes-Benz GLE, you will can hardly imagine this is the next generation of ML-Class. The new model cars owned the impressive design with multiple...

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