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Maserati Ghibli S Reviews – Bewitching beauty from Italy

As indicated by the specialists evaluated auto, Maserati Ghibli S situated in the extravagance auto portion is the Italian-style “sentimental”, it has cutting edge lines, enchanting and dependable emerge from the other costly adversaries.

General introduction

The specialists assessed exceedingly Maserati Ghibli S both in appearance and motor square “emergency” of it. Maserati Ghibli S was conveyed to Vietnam from faraway Italy in 12/2015 and business offices are offered to almost 5.5 billion.

With intense lines in Europe, particularly Italy so the up-to-date outline is likewise exceptionally rich auto looks marvelous sentimental stage. With its lengthened cap and wheelbase of up to 3,000 mm, all travelers to sit in the lodge of the vehicle are greatly agreeable.

Right now, Maserati Ghibli S evident change is that a few autos, for example, the Mercedes E-Class, BMW 5 Series, Jaguar XF or notwithstanding drawing nearer the Porsche.

Maserati Ghibli S truly sharp tin totally distinctive configuration with adversaries. Extremely alluring highlights of the front end are the veins on the hood. They are struck down touching the edge of the outspread grille. This is the streamlined outline and it helps the auto more conspicuous not just that the move will be extremely rich.

Framework gulf grille and Ghibli S is likewise entirely uncommon. Grille encompassed by chromed metal edge extravagance, it is an arrangement between the metal spokes alongside little perplex taking after BMW grille. In the focal point of this framework is the trident logo customary bar.

The following essential point toward the front is the fog light. With the inside ball and Xenon LED strip sunlight, white blue is to a great degree current and furthermore it additionally has the “textured monster” is made of chromed metal consistent break lights as “inclined eyes” were specialists value the style.

iCarReviews Maserati Ghibli S Reviews General introduction
iCarReviews Maserati Ghibli S Reviews General introduction

Maserati Ghibli S has a zone of extremely great. As needs be, Length x Width x Height is 4970 x 2100 x 1455 (mm) and wheelbase of up to 3,000 mm. The body is generally straightforward outline yet at the same time lively. Highlights the “feigned exacerbation” in the body that is 3 events planned like fish scales in 2 side front and matte trident logo behind the window outline.

Maserati Ghibli S tail area of the outline is very delicate and the presence of the autos 2 entryway Coupe. Driven tail lights are part into 2 compartments, an entryway connected with the storage compartment, a compartment left side stroked to later. As indicated by specialists, this tail lights couldn’t be more unmistakable and fairly basic.


The left half of the driver’s entryway is a progression of control fasten quick and down windows, electric driver’s seat change, modification/collapsing mirrors, shut/opened safe …

Back seats additionally “magnificent” no less. With sizes up to 3m wheelbase, you can see Ghibli S are needed for the back travelers. With 3 open travelers, yet have marginally brought down rooftop yet with somewhat less than 1.8 m presumably no major ordeal. Around issue seat leg is additionally exceptionally open. In any case, the travel is fairly troublesome in light of the fact that it needs to give a little space for the back pit molding.

iCarReviews_Maserati Ghibli S Reviews
iCarReviews_Maserati Ghibli S Reviews Interior

Molding of the vehicle is completely programmed with 2 separate air consumption territory. As per specialists, the indoor unit of the vehicle is cooled generally rapidly. In real conditions with temperatures more than 30 degrees outside, then the auto is more than 40 degrees, yet it took around 3 minutes the auto was absolutely cool and the wind is quiet.

With a 3-talked sports guiding wheel with enduring pair of characteristic aluminum, the configuration is particular to feeling new, right quality games auto is to some degree sentimental Italian style. This outline empowers the driver to feel like you are driving a genuine auto, it’s significantly additionally energizing to drive both you’re perched on the popular Porsche 911. On the guiding wheel is a progression of catches essential utilities, for example, increment or lessening the volume, selecting stimulation programs, handsfree …


iCarReviews Maserati Ghibli S Reviews Convenience
iCarReviews Maserati Ghibli S Reviews Convenience

Maserati Ghibli S has an inside screen group DVD touch 8.4 inch Maserati Touch Control is to a great degree responsive. With the screen, the driver or partner sitting alongside have admittance to each component quick preparing offices on the vehicle. It additionally incorporates GPS route with maps and free route in Vietnam (controlled by Garmin) with moderately great exactness. Furthermore, we can arrange the auto voice applications through Apple’s prevalent Siri preinstalled.

Sound, Ghibli S prepared Harman Kardon sound extremely famous and a lot of autos to browse.


Maserati Ghibli S heart piece 3.0L V6 Twin-Turbo is effective for greatest energy to 410 hp at 5,500 revs/min and most extreme torque of 550nm at 5,000 revs/min.

Programmed transmission vehicles 8 level is greatly calm. The quickening of the vehicle similarly costly dashing autos when it goes from the spread 0-100km/h takes only 5 to 5.6 seconds and the top rate is 267 km/h.

iCarReviews Maserati Ghibli S Reviews Operation
iCarReviews Maserati Ghibli S Reviews Operation

About driving feel, when we leave Sports mode, the auto drove beyond any doubt hands and exact. Right now, electric force help to expand the impact while cornering. On the off chance that going on the urban, you ought to ensure that Normal feels smoother and simpler to oversee. On the off chance that proceeding onward the expressway, specialists prescribe picking a fuel-proficient mode I.C.E (Increased Control Efficiency).

Regarding fuel funds, Ghibli S Urban utilization is around 10,1L/100km, the expressway is 6,5L/100km and the blend is 7,7L/100km. With these numbers can be adequate when it must have the solid motor square.


Pros: Overview auto plan with delightful configuration, present day European style and unmistakable from Italy, the auto quickens extremely noteworthy, extensive insides, premium Harman Kardon sound.

Cons: The back configuration is to some degree more straightforward, fuel utilization is entirely high.




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