Korean cars are better than Japanese cars ?
Korean cars are better than Japanese cars ?

Research Unit famous J.D. Power car has just launched a surprise conclusion when it reviews the Korean cars have increasingly good quality up, even surpassed the Japanese car maker.

The strong rise of Korean cars

Reviews of the most recent J.D. Power has quickly led experts and users vehicles quite unexpectedly. J.d. Power said that the Hyundai and Kia new generation made the historical movements in the world automotive industry. The quality of new cars on a better, even surpassing the rivals from Japan.

Specifically, the initial quality study of j. d. Power 2015 (2015 J.D. Power Initial Quality study) is done with 84,000 customers about the problems they encountered within 90 days from the date of purchase or lease a new vehicle model version 2015. The score was recorded respectively with the reflection of quality per 100 vehicles, the lower the number, the higher the quality.

Hyundai I20 Active - Korean Cars
Hyundai I20 Active – Korean Cars

The other brands for the first time in history reached the second position in quality among automotive brands in 33 is in a research, rising 5 degrees compared with last year. Two car model Kia Soul and Sorento headed in his segment, while the other models like Rio, Optima, Sportage, Sedona and the Cadenza was a top 3 best car in the segment.

 Retrogression of Japanese cars

Undervalued than the Korean cars in the original quality, and when calculated according to the group, the Japanese automobile manufacturers are even being “outclassed” by the European brands. Car brands America and Japan all have quality points below the average of the whole industry.

Renee Stephens, Deputy Director of the array quality assessment of J.D. Power automotive of America stated: “this was clearly a turning point in the quality of that in so many years, the Japanese brand has always been the gold standard assessment in the field of automotive quality.”

Honda City 2015 - a famous Japanese Car
Honda City 2015 – a famous Japanese Car

Although the Japanese car manufacturers continue to improve the quality of the car, however, they have not caught up with the pace of development and the innovation of others.

Korean car brands have their average score of 90/100 fault the car. The European car 113 errors, numbers of Japanese and American cars are equal, 114 bugs/100 cars. The whole industry’s average score is 112.

Separate each brand, the highest rank in the Porsche 3 years in a row, with a score of 80/100. Following Porsche’s Kia (86), Jaguar (93), Hyundai (95) and Infiniti (97). Also in the top 10 car brands in the best quality as rated by J.D. Power as BMW (99); Chevrolet (101); Lincoln (103) and Lexus/Toyota (104).

Among the issues that users complained, technology is the biggest problem, especially the technology of voice recognition and Bluetooth connectivity.

Mr. Stephen said: “phone smartphone has set a benchmark in the high technology that users must reach the standards, car manufacturers are striving to achieve that standard in the model of his car.”

Initial quality assessment and long-term quality

But the failure to evaluate the quality of the original, but before that, in the long term quality review was also conducted by J.D. Power, the car still has very good results.

Earlier this year, J.D. Power launched a long-term assessment of the issues that drive the encounter after three years of vehicle ownership. According to that study, the Lexus brand, Buick, Toyota, Cadillac, Honda, and Porsche ranks at the top of the table for the quality.

Explain about the rather contradictory results, John Humphrey, the Vice President and Managing Director of J.D. Power’s car plate the globe said: “short-term studies focus on the aspects such as the issues of technology, electronics and design made the car’s features make it difficult for the user during use. Meanwhile, the long-term study indicates the core issues than on long-term in the process of taking the car. ”

Besides, J.D. Power said that still has a correlation of the two results is somewhat contradictory.

“If the starting point is not good in an initial quality review, then to review long-term quality, that car could not have good results,” Humphrey said.

Therefore, Japanese car can expect on the reliability and endurance during long-term use, which is the advantage long.



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