Hyundai Cretaceous -

Hyundai Cretaceous – Hyundai South Korean cars entering India, Creta, bring an extra option for car users, eager to change the wind with the little athletic masculine appearance of SUVS, but still “fresh healthy”, go and not too burned gasoline.

Hyundai Cretaceous – Benign selecting for urban people in love Crossover

Hyundai Creta is completely new models were introduced in July 2015 and also known as the Hyundai IX-25. This model is positioned under the Tucson and Santa Fe but left on i20 Hyundai seems active, are Crossovers segment are to be preferred on the market, with diverse product range at many price levels. List of the market via the small crossover vehicle currently lines, the Suzuki Grand Vitara or only new Renault new Duster was unveiled at VMS2015, and a little lower as Ford Ecosport.

Smooth exterior

Hyundai Cretaceous continued to be applied to the language design “2.0 flow sculpture”, across from SantaFe to Tucson. Canopy thermal grid hexagons are inherited from the British herd Santafe but smaller size the same barriers before bigger size strong style. The car’s headlights are also stylized as a pair of eyes when the led strips are long and sharp claws on the rear of the same auto-expand when the projection angle on crabs. Taillight of the car was also designed for neat claws on the rear.

Hyundai Cretaceous -
Hyundai Cretaceous –

In addition, running along the trunk of the car from the cowl until the tanks are the vein embossed to create impressive SUV style, combined with the main wheel 17.5’’ finger sports dual makes Hyundai the Cretaceous there seems easy to impress. A highlight of this model helps bring the feeling of masculinity is the installation of additional reviews forced the map on the roof of the car.

The Interior enough to use

Hyundai Creta possesses just enough furniture and details, enough to meet the needs of customers but also not too special. Car leather seats, power seats, quiet drive, but tap-lo is still hard plastic. The Center panel consisting of 5-inch touchscreen camera back and integrated entertainment system support CD/Mp3/USB/Aux/Bluetooth system combined with 6 speakers are people writing reviews is well in the range of Hyundai money Creta.

Hyundai Cretaceous -
Hyundai Cretaceous –

Hyundai Creta fitted boot button Start/Stop Engine the same smart key. The system of automatic a the front but was expanded to add the following row for the door. Rudder control buttons integrated car settings, transfer music, got the call to ensure the convenience of the driver when driving can just control the features.

The engine and equipped just enough strength, universal application on all supply lines

The world, Hyundai offers the 3 powerplant version for 1.4 L engine consists of Cretaceous oil use the same 1.6 L engines use gasoline and oil. In this article, the article is test run car model Hyundai Creta use gasoline engine 1.6 L capacity.

Engine blocks inside the Hyundai Creta are the type of gasoline Gamma II with 1,591 cc capacity capable of producing maximum power of 121.3 horsepower at 6,300 rpm and maximum torque reached 15.1 Nm at 4,850 RPM. In addition, Hyundai Cretaceous are equipped with automatic transmission 6. With a small size crossover models such as the Cretaceous then this is just enough for all requests from running the city until accelerate.

Hyundai Cretaceous -
Hyundai Cretaceous –

In addition, to ensure the safety of passengers in the car, Hyundai Creta equipped full of active safety features such as anti-lock brake system of hard ABS, electronic brake force distribution EBD electronic balance system, ESP, supported steeper horizontal departure HAC, BA emergency brake assistance the hull stability system, VSM together 6 airbags. The only minus point of Hyundai Creta probably only located in the airport only 2 disc brakes in the front wheel, the rear wheel also remains just as brake drums. Through the parameters can see Hyundai Cretaceous are also quite full of safety features almost 2 forums UK Hyundai Tucson, and Hyundai Santa Fe.

Operating the rudder-intermittent, neutral steering feel

1.6 L engine block with 121 HP capacity not too impressed but according to reviews of the article, when in fact run in difficult  road conditions and the needs of many customers then probably so is just enough for a small crossover vehicle is targeted to those customers.

Box of 6 levels of Hyundai Creta works pretty smooth, with regular gas, the car gently to the number at about 2,200 rpm, tentacle ring and when optimum speed, the vehicle maintains steadily forward loop at about 1,500 rpm.

Test operation through the supply route, Hyundai car being feeling for Cretaceous twisted when guest drives continuous at about 45 km/h but bring afloat than British man Tucson and Santa Fe.

190 mm ground clearance also makes sense to drive Hyundai Creta at high speeds also did not maintain the dam sure, motorists and especially passengers sitting in the back seat can easily feel the floating of the car when running on 100 km/h.



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