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Honda City was first introduced in 1981 in the Japanese market and few people know that the City has ever stopped production in 1994. But in 1996, to South East Asian markets still fresh, Honda has decided to recover back the project City with the code and model Honda City SX8 the third generation was launched in Thailand in April 1996, marks the advance of Honda on this potential market. And so far this model has over 6 generations of development and Honda are distributed a version of New Honda City 2015 the latest generation of consumers.

Honda City 2015

Exterior features additional-constant:

If compared to the previous version of Honda City are distributed outside the market in the New version Honda City 2015 no changes in terms of exterior and interior design. The car retains the contours of the Honda City previous 2014 with the dimensions length x width x height x 1,694 4,440 respectively x 1,521 mm along a base of 2,600 mm shaft.

If only looking from the outside, it’s hard to distinguish between the 2 version Honda City 2014 and New Honda City 2015 by this model remains the design details from the car lights, the wheels, before the mausoleum and for all the embossing vein runs along the car body. Even inside the Interior compartment, New Honda City 2015 remains plastic cladding around the car and felt Chair. The plus point for Honda City is still the more wind-door for the passenger compartment of the vehicle from customers and is in sound insulation of the cabin still hasn’t been improved.

Honda City 2015 Exterior features -
Honda City 2015 Exterior features –

The phone features handsfree via Bluetooth for audio quality is pretty bad, though the system of Honda City when using good music than with money. This can be explained thanks to the Bluetooth connection system of the city still is only 2.0 standard. In addition, the sound insulation of the interior space inside the City has never been strong until this new version.

The engine, gearbox, and safety features:

New Honda City 2015 still i4 engine coolant 1,497 cc with the ability to produce maximum power of 118 HP at 6,600 rpm turbine round and the maximum torque reached 145Nm at 4,600 rpm. Combined with this engine block is infinitely CVT gearbox technologies of Earth Dream.

Honda City 2015 The engine, gearbox, and safety features -
Honda City 2015 The engine, gearbox, and safety features –

New Honda City 2015 also added more technology assure the new initiative as electronic balancing system VSA, the system supports the horizontal departure ramps HSA. Meanwhile, the car still ensures sufficient safety features.

Experience the 2015 Honda City-Nature sports in the class B car

With the launch by the Start/Stop button presses the same smart key, initially operating the Honda City 2015 feeling quite comfortable and the first glance “haughty” when entering the car. Press the Start/Stop button light, the car shudder to boot, although the sound insulation is not really impressive but City by 2015, the engine does not hope in the cockpit in the round lower fringes. However, the Horn of the car really matters when hoping to pretty much every cockpit when motorists need signal please pass or warn.

To experience the Honda City, Honda City 2015 can be seen acting as a scooter-“Accelerator is going” and “gas, know that to” numbers level D. At the speed of 40km / h, rpm steady at 1,500 rev/ min and increases the speed of the car. At this point the rod of the steering wheel quite effective too as driver wants to increase or decrease the number of these situations need coherent transmission 7-speed simulator

However, when converted to a number, the station’s need of Honda City becomes more sensitive, the rapidly increasing forward even when a new driver just pedals lightly. At this time, the average forward loop has about 2,200 rpm, the car for better acceleration feeling. And if not already sitting in the car with large capacity cylinders, the driver would be confused with feeling sticky pedal foot foremost when seats of Honda City. And of course, when combined with a glitter of strumming hand, who will drive like a sports car driver with gearbox level when each fraction of turbine air dropped back round, like gearbox number level. The driver can perform the deceleration phase to put emergency numbers to trigger the strumming right on the steering wheel. This brought quite a lot of emotion for the driver.

Honda City 2015 -
Honda City 2015 –

About fuel consumption capabilities, Honda announced the City by 2015 the average consuming just 5.8 litres/100 km the road but real test run box blends in various traffic conditions as well as the combination of D and S the writing used to 7, 5lít/100 km of which about 9 liters/100 kilometers to go in the inner city and 6 liters/100 km when it goes on the market.


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