Ford Ranger 2015 -

Change the exterior and many more luxury features than for Ford Ranger 2015, Ford proved pleasing afternoon when clients bring many luxury features of multipurpose sports car equipment for sale.

Ford Ranger 2015 – Pickup truck exterior, SUV equipped. 

Exterior design carries the tradition of muscle. 

Still keep the design with bold corn essence supply America with 1,860 mm height, width 2,044 mm long, 5 556 mm axle base and 3,220 mm, Ford Ranger 2015 brings a feeling of “monumental” for the opposite. And in the last upgrade for this version of the Ranger, Ford changed 2015 many of the points in the exterior design of this model when brought many characteristics of the herd the Ford F-series Ford Ranger to 2015.

Ford Ranger 2015 Exterior design -
Ford Ranger 2015 Exterior design –

First, we can say to the pair of headlights and fog lights are redesigned with box-shaped designs flattening not round as before, feeling the muscles more. If the previous owner Ford Ranger often speed the car’s grille back to feeling stronger, then in the 2015 version of Ford Ranger, the car’s grille was changed to a larger size, more angular than.

Luxury Interior like the SUV car

The most obvious difference is the Ford Ranger 2015 was equipped with 8-inch touchscreen, integrated entertainment connection SYNC system 2. With the SYNC system 2, the driver can output the voice commands to control the Ranger player, adjust 2015, make phone calls, …. And, of course, comes the connect system will be multimedia from Bluetooth, USB ports (2 ports), port AUX and the memory card slot.

By using the touch screen, 8 “Center should Ford Ranger 2015 has removed a lot of rampant buttons on the Control Panel makes the design of this area is much more succinct. The monitor control 8 “also has an intuitive interface and easy to get familiar with all the new people first sit up Ford Ranger 2015.

Ford Ranger 2015 Luxury Interior -
Ford Ranger 2015 Luxury Interior –

Spacious interior space and feeling like an SUV when Ford Ranger 2015 brings the seats are spacious but very back hug for the passengers inside. The part after the armchairs for passengers was also designed with leather and there is the accents of Orange felt a ton-sur-ton with the exterior color on the outside of the car.

Powerful engine and high-security features

Ford Ranger 2015 Powerful engine and high-security features -
Ford Ranger 2015 Powerful engine and high-security features –

Ford offers to consumers 4 Ranger version 2015 with different configurations, 2.2 L engine or 3.2 L with 4×2 or 4 x 4 driving system, meet the diverse needs and budget. In it, the most powerful are the Ranger Wildtrak with 3.2 L Turbo i5 engine TDCi, maximum power 200 HP at 3,000 rpm and the tentacle ring torque maximum 470Nm at 1,750-2,500 tentacle round /min. In this version, the car was equipped with an electronic differential lock for the rear axles a very useful feature for driving when moving on the bad.

Flexible, robust and secure

If you are the first person to control a car with 3.2 L engine as Ford Ranger 2015 then probably will take a while to get familiar with the power beneath the foot of the car.

Ford Ranger 2015 also for subtle steering feel thanks to the used a rudder servo system of integrated power automatic compensator Guest drivers driving direction lêch gently in the municipality, but intermittent on highways.

Ford Ranger 2015 really impressed when given the speeding car, cruising fast but silky but no less sure. Features comprehensive driver support from the system of automatic speed control, lane warning system and maintaining motorist lane completely comfortable when driving.

The lane warning system, when enabled, will inform the driver when the car lost phenomenon have wrong (or even when the driver switch lanes without turn signals signal) through but slight vibration on the Steering and warnings on the screen of the vehicle. Not only so, lane warning system also impact a light force on the rudder to bring the car to the right back to the correct lane.

In addition to the upgrading of the technology supports the driver’s comfort and convenience than on the market, the Ford Ranger 2015 still meet the requirements of offroad vans with the powerful roar of the engine, 230 mm high, approaching corner the car nose-high and escape the big tail.

The brand has been confirmed, the user’s sense of good and the effort to upgrade the product without causing the Ford Ranger is always a top choice when consumers look to a pickup model. Especially with the new Ranger along a series of upgrade equipment, Ford can clearly count among their suction power Ranger from other Pickup on the market.


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