Driving in the US

Those who live in the United States, there is not other cars would lose the leg. So around the car are also very much interesting conversation should know.

Driving in the US: Increased insurance premiums if breaking the law

In this country, the legs out of the House, the front foot stepped up to the car. The main transportation for all residents is the cars, sometimes also have few Jet big block stool but only because of personal interest and entertainment. So, have a car license plates is almost indispensable papers for adults.

Driving in the US - car insurance
Driving in the US – car insurance

First of all, to contest the theory by the way to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to register and receive a free handbook guide theory test. This part is pretty easy, quick but very seriously through unlimited test time. There is 3 theory exam form for attendees:

First, if busy or for whatever reason can be registered on the computer. Those who know English and has good knowledge of the law could quickly complete the test because just answer correctly 70% of answers in the test has 30 questions computers will automatically stop and notice of examination written exam;

Second, can choose to do the test on the test paper (no time limit);

Third, if not to know English, can register for the contest had met problems in translation. As a student-Sherry is easy to pass this exam. During the contest, just alone the competition facing the test, except the contest judges have met problems and more people. There is quizzes results theory, can register the Steering at any time, depending on confidence when a driver on the street with its test bench next.

At the moment, anyone must show for testing see the ability to control the vehicle, observe, handle situations on the road. It sounds simple, but how much difficult theory, the practice of many tricky again, sliding 4-5 times as often. There are errors if in other countries will be … controversy is crap like slightly faster at running, the at runs slightly slower, honk more … Even if those pupils, settlers encounter a testing the same flavor, easy to slip because of this fear of superior judges think bias should be very strict. But there are also cases (women), sat crying on the bus do not bear down, judges had to be parked, Sherry Nguyen said. There are also supplementary services the steering for those completing preparation, not cheap, about 150USD/1 h.

Driving in the US - car insurance
Driving in the US – car insurance

In case do testing will be issued soon by a temporary driver, about a week later, the formal license will be sent by post to the registered address. After using, if you want to drive the car off the road, are required to register the ownership of the car. If not, unfortunately, police “inquiry” will be towing about rumored to investigate without hearing the explanation. The registration of vehicle ownership is also quite simple. If buying new car stores, then takes care of the entire procedure. Buy second-hand cars should carry the sovereign paper with the signature of former owner and driver, then taxes are done, only spend about 15 minutes for this procedure.

Then 1-2 weeks, vehicle ownership papers will be sent to the House. There is an advice for those who bought the old car is the new number plate change should suggest avoiding confusion with the older vehicle owners to police and “notice” If the old vehicle owners closer has ever used this car accident (all driver’s violations are recorded in the computer system in the management of the Federal Government).

Traffic police in the US are equipped with the modern computer on the car when you violate the traffic laws, then the table number, name of the person in violation with join traffic history will be saved immediately in the federal system. Next up, buying car insurance is mandatory. Also, no one has the intention of driving without insurance because of violation of the law or having an accident will make it go bankrupt if no insurance. An accident may have to compensate tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Those who violate traffic laws will have to buy a premium higher than normal (specific cases) within 3 years with the condition in that time not breaking the law.



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