BMW 7-Series

If you are looking for a perfect match between the feeling of space and comfort, the BMW 7 Series is the top choice.

BMW 7 Series – The luxurious sedan, High-class interior in the world

As usual, every time a new model launch or upgrade version, the producers invite the world media to run test and reviews. BMW also is not the exception to the BMW 7 Series version 2013, an upgraded version is very impressive. BMW model brought to the expert reviews is 750i, most expensive version of the current BMW 7 Series car line.

Previously, the manufacturer has a habit of inviting the experts to try to southern France or the Spanish coast to test new products. But BMW again creates new by bringing the experts try to come to St. Petersburg to reviews on the 750i.

Not natural that BMW chose Russia as to try and assess the new version of the BMW 7 Series. Currently, half the world is suffering the consequences of the economic downturn and tightening spending. Meanwhile, in Russia, annual car sales are still rising strongly, especially with the cab driver.

BMW 7 Series - High-class interior
BMW 7 Series – High-class interior

In 2011, BMW has sold over 1,500 the BMW 7 Series in Russia. From early 2012 to date, BMW has successfully distributed about 700 the 7-Series despite not yet introduced version upgrade.

Even BMW opened a showroom M unique in the world in St. Petersburg. This is the only place selling the cars attached logo colored behind three M. That BMW has confirmed the Russian market very seriously.

Back with a new BMW 750i

At first glance, people will feel frustrated about the upgrade version of the BMW 7 Series. The car only has a few adjustments to design in the front inlet holes, barriers, and grille.

However, if a little closer attention, you will see the car there are many design changes in the first part of the main airport. New LED headlight system form of subtle, sharp and more flexibility. You can even adjust the projection angle and glare of lights to the best observation, especially when hugging the crab.

BMW 7 Series - Back with a new BMW 750i
BMW 7 Series – Back with a new BMW 750i

One of the highlights in the headlights of the BMW 7 Series is the upgrade version of Halo, created a beauty so different from all the other models are available on the market. You can get out right now is a BMW 7 Series though are going on the highway and only see the light from the headlights.

Next up is the grille. BMW remains the grille design of the BMW 7 Series the old version. The German car maker just tuning designed grille with chrome-plated stand bar 9 instead of 12 numbers as on the old version. In General, the grille on the BMW 7 Series large upgrade, low and Oriental sport than substance.

In addition, the inlet holes of the new BMW 7 Series are also designed with two adjustable chrome plated bars alternating between the cluster and integrated fog lamps.

This, of course, is one of the most important components in each car. However, you will not see the changes in the chassis of the 750i which can only feel. Typically, BMW will not change the frame of the car in every version upgrade. Instead, the airline just upgrading the chassis for the new generation.

However, BMW has applied a few adjustments on the system the chassis of the 7-Series upgrade version. In it, have pneumatic suspension system with the ability to automatically adjust while operating the vehicle. The result is a smoothly running car and silky than whether to go on the roads is not really flat. As a result, passengers sitting in the car will have the most comfortable trip.

Can say, BMW 7 Series is not the model for those who seek a means of mobility. Bulky and heavy bodywork makes the driver must use much more power when hugging the crab although the BMW 7 Series has a servo system. Need to say more, this is the downside of every large luxury sedan. BMW 7 Series itself also greatly appreciated the possibility of handling and steering feel in the segment.

Driving system

BMW 750i is powered by a V8, supercharged 4.4-liter capacity, dual, born 445 HP maximum power and maximum torque of 650 Nm. Compared to the old version, the new BMW 750i have risen 45 horsepower and 40 Nm. The power from the engine is transmitted to the rear axles through automatic transmission 8. Customers can optionally xDrive four-wheel drive system for every version of the BMW 7 Series.

BMW 7 Series - Driving system
BMW 7 Series – Driving system

New power helps the large luxury sedan BMW home can accelerate to 100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds before reaching the maximum speed limit of 250 km/h e.

Despite the impressive strength property, 750i still gives the feeling of very smooth when rising or falling speed. A great thing else of the large sedan from Germany is the ECO mode Pro helps save fuel when operated at low speed through the motor cylinder switches temporarily in some cases.

High-class interior

Hard to say the Interior of the BMW 7 Series, Mercedes-Benz S-Class or Audi A8. However, can assert the Interior of the BMW 7 Series has reached a very high standard. Both the driver and the passengers are feeling extremely comfortable with the big leather chair. In particular, the rear passengers can enjoy relaxing moments with the optional entertainment system, including a large screen size is 9.2 inches and advanced sound system In & Olufsen has a capacity of 1,200 W.

BMW 7 Series - High-class interior
BMW 7 Series – High-class interior

Unlike the other models, the BMW 7 Series are equipped with a very high-resolution screen to display the features of the car instead of the clock cluster motor-common meter. The screen can change color and position a few parameters depending on driving mode, from which to look for better visualization.

Customers can optionally control screen size 10.25 inch Center, help show the features entertainment and 3D maps.


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