The best universal car

The best universal car.The Board reviews the quality of J.D. Power’s original car not the glory of the car, and also a list of the new cars are the most satisfied customers after 90 days of use.

The best universal car

After witnessing the decline of quality in the last year, the automobile industry has transformed itself. According to JD Power initial quality in the last year of the airport has increased by 3%. Porsche led all brands with an average error of only 80/100, 2nd in the other with a score of 86/100. Jaguar, Hyundai, and Kia is in the top 5 this year.

While Koreans proved is leading in this industry, the first time in 29 years the Japanese drop out of the top ranking the best cars under the Initial Quality Study by J.D. Power. J.D. Power also the new car ratings are also the best in several categories.

The municipality: Chevrolet Spark

Starting price: $ 12,270

The best universal car - Chevrolet Spark
The best universal car – Chevrolet Spark

Spark is the smallest car that Chevrolet production, however, it is the car is very attractive, efficient and comfortable to drive. Thanks to the intelligent use of space and ceiling high car, a small car does not feel cramped for the driver. With cheap but Spark not offering cheap money for the owner. About safety, it owns to 10 airbags, and is one of the safest cars, according to the IIHS. And this fall, the Spark was also upgraded with larger capacity, more Republic page designs as well as the new safety features.

Small car: Hyundai Accent

Starting price: $ 14.745

The best universal car - Hyundai Accent
The best universal car – Hyundai Accent

Interesting is the cheapest car of Hyundai is the lead ship of the line of small cars with fewer errors. Shows the South Korean cars are hugely impressive performances. The 4th generation Accent has a seat and back map, as well as more widely attractive style as most of the cars of Hyundai. The 4 cylinder engine 137 HP provides the harmony between performance and energy savings. And like the other Hyundai, it also owns many of the basic utility features.

Compact Car: Nissan Sentra

Starting price: $ 16.480

The best universal car - Nissan Sentra
The best universal car – Nissan Sentra

At present this car line went through seven generations, small Sentra Sedan doesn’t have too much change from 2012, however, that does not prevent it becoming the famous pole. Supplements for outstanding sales of the Sentra is that features like USB, connect the Bluetooth, brilliant sound system and cruise control for a vehicle that has a starting price of under 17 000 USD. Apparently customers who buy it will be very happy, at least within the first 90 days of ownership.

Midsize cars: Chevrolet Malibu

Starting price: $ 22.465

Top luxury cars and small sports cars 7- Chevrolet Malibu
Top luxury cars and small sports cars – Chevrolet Malibu

Chevrolet introduced the name Malibu reminiscent of 1964 when it is the airline’s top Chevrolet, causing it to become the name for the car used for the longest history. The current version has gone through 8 generations, and it became the leading car at the IQS in 2 years. The stylish Sedan offers a spacious seat compartment, the luggage bins are large and many other facilities. Malibu 2015 is the latest version of this car line, a completely new version of 2016 has just been introduced in New York and will exhibit to a showroom this fall.

Large car: Chrysler 300

Starting price: $ 31.69

The best universal car 5

The Chrysler 300 is one of the very few large Sedan car rear axles are sold on the market, and this year it has been led by J.D. Power IQS class. The name 300 was first introduced in 1955, has done a lot for his new year 2015. The 300 has crossed over all opponents with impressive performance and advanced facilities. With bold style also comes with 300 but equipped with facilities such as color screen 7-inch driver information display. Starting Price: $ 31.695

Small SUV: Hyundai Tucson

Starting price: $ 21.650

The best universal car - Hyundai Tucson
The best universal car – Hyundai Tucson

In the decade prior to now, the South Korean car maker Hyundai has developed a style that is appreciated, the Tucson. Tucson offers outstanding features such as 17-inch alloy wheels, bigger headlights with the LEDs, a remote control alarm system, AM/FM audio system/CS/MP3/SiriusXM along port Ipod Dock/USB, Bluetooth wireless connection.


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