Best electric cars on sale 2017

Best electric cars on sale 2017

Electric cars are going from strength to strength, here we pick the top 10 best electric cars on sale

If you’re looking to cut your motoring costs right down, there are a couple of options. You could of course just buy a bargain-basement used car and run it on a shoestring, but then you risk expensive fuel bills, repair costs, and questionable reliability you can’t rely on.

Best electric cars on sale 2017

Another option is a super-economical petrol, diesel or hybrid car, but these still aren’t as cheap to run as they could be. If you really want to slash your costs to the bone, you need an electric vehicle (EV).

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Of course, EV’s don’t come without a compromise, and you’ll immediately be stung with a high purchase price, despite a government grant of up to £5,000. Limited range is often a factor, and even the best and priciest electric cars can’t manage more than a few hundred miles on a charge. And of course, if you don’t have somewhere to plug it in, you’re a bit stumped.

Best electric cars on sale 2017
Best electric cars on sale 2017

All of these points are improving, however. The latest crop of EVs are an attractive proposition for a lot of people. While the limited range could be a problem for high-mileage drivers, the majority of journeys undertaken in the UK are fewer than 20 miles long – making them ideal electric car fodder. This makes even more sense when you consider an electric vehicle is quite likely to be a second car.


Charging is still an issue for some, but a sharp rise in the number of public charging points plus manufacturer incentives to install a high-current wall box at home means range anxiety is becoming less of an issue.

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Electric car prices are still high, although the Government’s Plug-In Car Grant takes a bit of the sting out of purchase, while the growing use of electric vehicle tech means car makers are gradually bringing prices down as the technology spreads between firms.

Best electric cars 2017
Best electric cars 2017

Manufacturers at the current forefront of electric car sales include Nissan, Renault and BMW, but there are plenty more models being introduced all the time. US maker Tesla has built a strong reputation for itself – so much so that the unveiling of the Model 3 compact saloon earlier in 2016 made the headline news around the world – while Volkswagen, Kia and Smart all have their own electric vehicles on sale now.

Best electric cars 2017
Best electric cars 2017

So which electric cars are the best? We’ve put together a list of models to help you decide which one is right for you. It’s especially important with electric cars to choose a model that fits your requirements and our top 10 best electric cars list is designed to demonstrate the wide variety of electric cars now on sale.


As always, you need a lifestyle that fits with EV ownership. If you do lots of short, local journeys, and have a place to charge an electric car, then you’re on to a winner. But most buyers will probably be better off with a plug-in hybrid or range-extender, which give you the benefits of electric drive, but without the range anxiety.

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Best electric cars 2017

1. BMW i3
2. Tesla Model S
3. Volkswagen e-up!
4. Nissan Leaf
5. Tesla Model X
6. VW e-Golf
7. Kia Soul EV
8. Renault Zoe
9. Ford Focus Electric
10. Nissan e-NV200 Combi
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