Intel’s Multi-million dollar investment in autonomous cars sector

Intel has invited in autonomous car market by buying the Israeli technology company called “Mobileye “.

The company known for developing power-assisted driving systems was bought for $15.3 billion U.S. Dollars (about 14.3 billion euros).

Mobileye works for brands like Nissan, Hyundai, General Motors of BMW which leads Intel to believe that this company has strong influence in car manufacturers and suppliers.


Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich, said:
“What you’re really doing with car now is really talking about car models in 2020, 2021, “

“We need to get in there, we need to get this platform developed. “

Some of the Mobileye most known features was released in 2012 and is used in almost all new cars:

“Many of you have asked why we think autonomous cars and vehicles are so important to Intel’s future. The answer is DATA. ” also adding Automobiles and the automotive industry are increasingly driven by data and computing. The saying ‘What’s under the hood’ will increasingly refer to computing, not horsepower. “


The dependence of the cars of the future on data plays in Intel’s favor in the high-performance computing sector:

“They’re more than just cars, they’ll be in high-end devices like the spotting cameras on helicopters, they’ll be in high-end drones, and they’ll be in robotics as well (…) It’s really about computer vision and how computer vision will change the world. “

As guaranteed information, the autonomous driving group purchase by Intel will continue to be based in Israel.



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