Range Rover Sport 2015

Gone are the business forecast is attached to the car Sedan. The entrepreneur personality increasingly popular SUV vehicles proved by showing potential and their assertiveness.

The current SUV with a big size advantage, high ground clearance, offer a spacious, comfortable interior and exterior design together with the advanced technology and strong operating features are gradually becoming the choice of business next to the traditional sedan segment. And each one has a price range of candidates.

1.Hyundai SantaFe 2015:30.000 $

With financial originated approximately hown1 billion, Hyundai SantaFe is medium SUV that is preferred by many consumers. With the emergence of domestic CKD assembly version of the new generation of SantaFe and price competition, Santa Fe is an attractive option.

Santa Fe-size, length x width x height in turn is 4,690 x 1,880 x 1,680 (mm) wheelbase 2,700 (mm) and a clearance is 185 (mm). Airport property design language “storm-Storm Border Edge” with sharp curves, creating a modern, youthful in appearance yet strong masculinity and press lazing 19-inch sport.

Hyundai SantaFe 2015
Hyundai SantaFe 2015

The Interior of the vehicle and proved consistent with business when taking control cluster centered, symmetrical design with Deluxe leather seats combined with a hard plastic black lumpy feeling of luxury. Pretty car entertainment system with DVD screen quality integrated map Navigation by Hyundai developed specifically for the market system, AM/FM, port AUX/USB/Bluetooth system combines high-quality loudspeaker 6.

2. Subaru OUTBACK 3.6 R 2015: $ 25.000

Subaru Outback is the biggest SUV of Japanese Subaru brand known for its ability to operate the vehicle. Version Outback 3.6 R 2015 is the fifth generation with exquisite, elegant is a pretty worthy choice for young entrepreneurs and personalities driving feeling fancy.

This SUV model owns the hybrid design in appearance between the SUV and wagon models, featuring headlight system image “Hawkeye” trapezoidal grille. The hips of the car including the black bezel that runs the entire body with the roof painted black highlights. The size of the car length x width x height x 1,840 x 4,817 respectively 1,680 (mm) wheelbase 2,745 (mm).

Subaru OUTBACK 3.6 R 2015
Subaru OUTBACK 3.6 R 2015

Version Outback 3.6 R petrol engines fitted Boxer H6 3.6 L capacity producing at capacity the maximum capacity of 256 horsepower turbine air strip at 6,000 rpm and 350Nm of maximum torque at the turbine air strip at 4,400 rpm. The car uses the same CVT infinitely transmission 4-wheel drive system AWD. The safety technology on the car include ABS brakes, ventilated disk brakes, electronic brake force distribution EBD, airbags, front airbags, side curtain airbags, a driver knee airbag, stable system of vehicle body VDC, Isofix child seat hooks and supports horizontal launch ramps.

3. Porsche Cayenne 2015: $ 50.000

Of course, compared to Hyundai SantaFe and Subaru Outback, Cayenne is a different story. In lifting prices range must levels up on 3 billion, this luxury SUV model is my dream of many entrepreneurs, with strong design, the song also extremely elegant.

Porsche Cayenne 2015 is the new upgraded version of appearance than the previous generation. Overall the car was judged more elegant, soft with daytime lights cluster consists of 4 LEDs integrated into the headlights, lamps and lamp positioning xi gaming with LED technology, the taillight of the car created a 3D effect and the brake lights LED format can change light signal according to the level of the brake. Dimensions length x width x height in turn is 4,855 x 1,547 x 1,705 (mm) length (mm) 2,895 base and standard 18-inch lacing.

Porsche Cayenne 2015
Porsche Cayenne 2015

As his tradition, Porsche Cayenne equipped luxurious interior features leather chair offers heating function seat in all the positions, the front seats are adjusted and remember the location of a rudder, the car has sporty design integrates the press controls. Car entertainment system includes a display screen 7-inch high resolution, dual-frequency with a radio, CD/DVD/MP3/AUX/Bluetooth.

4. Range Rover Sport 2015: $ 60.000

Range Rover Sport 2015 owns a modern styling, powerful but equally elegant true British Aristocrat is a worthwhile choice for the business class like to assert themselves.

Range Rover Sport 2015 property dimensions length x width x height in turn is 4,850 x 1,780 x 2,220 (mm) along the length axis 2,923 base mm. 21-inch wheel equipped Vehicles to come with tires size 275/45 R21.

The Interior of the Range Rover Sport with a central control panel to simplify but still handy. Car power custom seats, remember the location of the seats of the same hand restraints in front seats. The advanced skin material options. Integrated leather rudder function keys, control system, cruise control and automatic station on the rudder. Car entertainment system includes 8 ‘ touch screen ‘ in the center of the entertainment system controls the Meridian sound system with 19 825 watt speakers.



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