iCarReviews 2016 Honda BR-V

2016 Honda BR-V – The combination of SUV AND MPV

Through these remarks Honda BR-V, 2016, we can see, in spite of the fact that not until 2016 are incorporated into the business sector but rather this type of Honda’s minimized SUV has gotten an exceptionally positive input by configuration present day, roomy lodge compartment and abilities top notch mileage. 

General introduction

This new auto model to be created at Honda Prospect Motor manufacturing plant in Karawang and formally propelled at the universal display Gaikindo 2015 (GIIAS 2015) held in Jakarta, January 8. Indonesia BR-V is booked to be sold the first in Indonesia and Thailand markets with the S 4 (gearbox), E (CVT gearbox and gearbox) and Prestige one year from now at costs running from 230-265 million Rupiah

At the show GILAS 2015, BR-V 2016 Honda showed up in 2 renditions: base and progressed to the point that the most diverse games, dim glasses and the decorations. As per the presentation of the Japanese auto organization, BR-V will be the most extensive auto-fragment. Vehicles with knee space and relativity rooftop, convey solace to the client. Plus, BR-V 2016 additionally incorporates multi-data show Multi-Information Display with AC fan framework between the front line.


Honda BR-V was produced on the premise of the undercarriage of the Honda Brio with general measurements length x width x tallness x 1,735 x 4,455 individually in 1650 (mm) and length 2,660 mm wheelbase. As portrayed by Honda, BR-V as “a mix of style, driving knowledge of a SUV and force, lodge compartment of a MPV.” This 7-seat hybrid style plan Mobilio. Some more highlights of vehicle outside might be specified, for example, high frame, the rooftop, compound wheels 16-inch sizes, the LED tail lights around.

iCarReviews 2016 Honda BR-V Exterior
iCarReviews 2016 Honda BR-V Exterior

The same number of audits BR-V 2016 Honda vehicles are contrasted with the Honda Brio or seniors like Honda Mobilio, Honda BR-V 2016 games front grille with a huge edge chrome, projector headlights calculated shape and mist lights underneath the set lower.

Outline of the BR-V body with a strong appearance in 2016 of the Mobilio MPV, however, is more best in class frame with wheels bigger than 16 inches. Also, the base edge of plate circling the auto with racks on the rooftop gives BR-V current look, all the more intense.

With the BR-V in 2016, Honda has exhibited endeavors to outline the new back area with expansive taillights are extended beneath the windshield.


On the off chance that the inside of the specimen is said Mobilio Brio or repetitive when assessed Honda BR-V in 2016, it was anything but difficult to see the venture than getting in the auto. Focus board is a blend of the two men he City and Jazz. Honda prepares BR-V a 3-talked directing wheel, speedometer bunches vast presentation screen with huge catches and glass plate lever situated near a few. By and large, the inside on BR-V brings a touch better yet senior level can not contrast and opponent Hyundai Cretaceous.

iCarReviews 2016 Honda BR-V Interior
iCarReviews 2016 Honda BR-V Interior

Seating frameworks of Honda BR-V 2016 are outlined as 2-3-2. The primary column and second give adequate space both in a position to vacuum and space for individuals to sit on top. Centerline seats can be collapsed in extent 60:40; the proportion 50:50, and enough space for two grown-ups can collapse the third column. We can say, BR-V offers space third column in the most productive 7-seater models in the portion.

At the point when both back seats are utilized, the baggage space of the BR-V 2016 Honda does not by any stretch of the imagination awe the individuals who evaluated auto. In any case, on account of the two columns of seats can be collapsed so adaptable baggage space of the vehicle in this manner likewise expand adaptability not minimum, address the issues of clients. Moreover, Honda additionally exploits the space in the auto to plan the helpful stockpiling drawer.


BR-V 2016 Honda have executed numerous propelled offices prepared as multi-screen show data, molding later, amidst the principal line and second. As to hardware, BR-V variant for the Indonesian business sector in 2016 is outfitted with two airbags and electronically monitored slowing mechanism ABS, brake power dispersion framework gadgets.

iCarReviews 2016 Honda BR-V Convenience
iCarReviews 2016 Honda BR-V Convenience

The most progressive form of the Prestige will be supplemented by electronic measuring frameworks, bolster dispatch inclines HAS flat, Isofix tyke seat snare.


iCarReviews 2016 Honda BR-V Operation
iCarReviews 2016 Honda BR-V Operation

Honda BR-V rendition for the Indonesian business sector is furnished with 1.5L petrol motor i-VTEC 117 hp to power, greatest torque 145 Nm. Power from the motor is transmitted by a 6-speed manual gearbox or a CVT transmission. Honda has not discharged points of interest of fuel utilization limit of the motor, however, the same 1.5L motor form on the Mobilio and City are the best potential outcomes for sparing utilization.

2016 Honda-BR-V Operation
2016 Honda-BR-V Operation

Specialists assessed 2016 Honda BR-V has made all test drive this auto. As indicated by their perceptions, the BR-V 2016 feels quite a great rider. In any case, the auto’s suspension framework is still to some degree inflexible attributes of Honda models when all is said in done. Furthermore, the controlling wheel of the auto is somewhat lighter, yet at the same time fit for taking care of when cornering smoother. Slowing mechanisms are additionally great assessment.


BR-V Honda will intend to contend with opponents Nissan Terrano Hyundai Cretaceous or business sector costs in Indonesia from 230-265 million Rupiah (around 370-427 million VND). While surveying the BR-V 2016 Honda vehicles, we can see, this model is extremely appropriate for families with different individuals, the generally favored, agreeable. Vehicles can likewise be a substitute for a MPV however in the style of a SUV.

Pros of Honda BR-V 2016

Lively, extensive lodge space, fuel effective motors in the custom of Honda.

Cons of Honda BR-V 2016

Outfitted surprisingly more dreadful than some opponents, the very little decision of motors.



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