Honda S660 roadster 2015 is petite, pretty but still meets the elements of a sports car driving experience brings fun and excitement.

General introduction

Recently, fans can clearly see Honda’s effort to get back on the sporting qualities of its products through NSXra Acura supercar launched the new generation, the Civic Type R debuted strongly and returned to F1 as an engine supplier. At the 2013 Tokyo auto show, manufacturers from Japan have introduced a convertible sports car called the S660 small. When exposed to this model, many people will certainly remember the lines of the 90s Honda Beat commercial version of the Honda S660 officially sold in the Japanese market in April last. According to some sources, the manufacturer Honda is developing an international version of this car with a few modifications to the engine.

Honda S660


When exposed to the Honda S660, fans can clearly see, this is no different roadster version descendant of Beat roadster had been quite successful in the past with very cute appearance. S660 is not the fastest of the Honda cars but easy to please customers by its compact design, lovely but still meets the elements of a sports car.

Honda S660

“The bullet Powerful” is the word that car manufacturers from Japan used to talk about cars. Honda S660 Roadster was developed under the motto “Heart Beat Sport” driving toward exciting feeling and excitement. One of the attractive features of this model is the roof felts can roll again.

S660 front ends design style of the Honda with long, narrow headlights. Area curved grille is beveled drawers and two large wind reinforces the S660 sports properties simultaneously reminiscent of the design of the next-generation Acura NSX.

Honda S660


The interior of the Honda S660 is described that “brings the connection between the driver and the car.” Compared with the sporty Acura NSX interior space of no less competitive S660. Central panel is placed just next to the driver’s seat and a screen placed above notification. 3-spoke leather-wrapped steering wheel has a diameter of only 350 mm small and large speedometer on the dash. This is the model with the smallest steering wheel commercial vehicles Honda today.

Honda S660

The other standard equipment manufacturers such S660 integrated automatic air conditioning system, the air navigation.


The standard safety equipment that the manufacturer brings S660 system includes four airbags, electronic stabilization systems, launch systems support across the slope while the brakes initiative appears only as an option.

Honda S660


Honda S660 uses DOHC turbocharged 3-cylinder 660 cc capacity to power 63 horsepower and maximum torque of 104 Nm. The engine gives the car a top speed of 140 km / h. Honda engineers have made some improvements in the structure of the engine to give the car better acceleration than other usual supercharged engine, but parameters of acceleration Honda S660 was not published.

Honda S660

The engine on the S660 is placed in the center hull, power is transmitted by structure rear axle, through a 6-speed manual gearbox. However, users can also choose a CVT steps gearbox if desired. Some splendid lever built right on the steering wheel like the sports car.



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